our story

  • Our Story, Our Heritage

    Born and made in Delhi, this story started with the desire of two sisters to stand together in their skill for design and passion for diamond jewellery. 

    Lavmi is a homage to the deep rooted family values, common passion for gold and diamonds and also financial independence and strength to women.

    Crafting Brilliance, Cultivating Elegance

    Welcome to Lavmi Fine Jewellery, where every sparkle tells a story, and every gem is a testament to our commitment to brilliance. Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief - that true beauty should be crafted responsibly, with a touch of innovation and a whole lot of passion. We use traditional manufacturing techniques, craftsmanship and perfect detailing in making our designs. Nothing is mass produced, everything is handmade with love and care, made to your size. We are passionate about creating beautiful timeless pieces that our clients will love to wear and cherish for many years to come.

    Roots in Ethical Elegance

    Lavmi was born out of a shared vision to redefine luxury in the world of fine gems. Grounded in the philosophy of responsible sourcing, we set out on a mission to create exquisite pieces that not only dazzle but also reflect our commitment to ethical practices.

Craftsmanship With Heart

Each piece at Lavmi is a testament to the artistry of our skilled craftsmen. Meticulously curated and passionately crafted, our jewellery goes beyond aesthetics, telling a story of dedication and precision. Every cut, every setting, and every detail is infused with the essence of our journey.

Yes, money can buy happiness…