Founders of Lavmi Fine Jewellery

Pallavi Gupta and Mugdha Aggarwal, the dynamic co-founders of Lavmi Fine Jewellery, share a deep bond of sisterhood and a passion for diamonds that led to the creation of their brand. Lavmi, born out of this shared vision, stands as a testament to their commitment to redefining luxury in the world of fine gems. The sisters faced challenges navigating the complexities of sourcing materials and understanding the intricacies of the jewellery industry. Yet, fueled by their shared dream, they persisted , learning and evolving with each hurdle. Their bond and complementary skills turned obstacles into stepping stones.

  • Pallavi Gupta


    With her entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for design, Pallavi brings a wealth of creativity to Lavmi. She combines her business acumen with a deep appreciation for visual appeal, creating a unique blend of strategic thinking and artistic sensibility. Her dedication to responsible sourcing and ethical practices has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's philosophy. She ensures that our pieces not only captivate aesthetically but also reflect a genuine dedication to excellence and sustainability. Pallavi’s holistic approach  focuses on product design and also ensures that Lavmi jewellery designs are very functional and can be cherished for many many years by their customers.

  • Mugdha Aggarwal


    Mugdha is a qualified diamond grader and has a profound understanding of diamonds and their unique characteristics. She has done an advanced and comprehensive Diamond Grading and Identification course from Delhi. She possesses the skills to assess and communicate the quality of diamonds accurately. She contributes her expertise in business and a strong sense of social responsibility to Lavmi. Her vision for ethical elegance is embodied in the brand's promise to offer an experience beyond traditional luxury. Mugdha's commitment to sourcing conflict-free and ethically produced diamonds underscores Lavmi's mission to positively impact the communities involved in the diamond supply chain.